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Jembi Health Systems is a Digital Health non-profit that is affiliated to the National Department of Health. They partner with aid organisations and governments, to design human-centred, open-sourced health information systems. Extracting insights that empower decision-makers, health-workers and patients in Africa.

Our partnership with Jembi initially started when they approached us to assist with their MomConnect platform which is a cell-phone based health information initiative for pregnant women in South Africa.

Since then our relationship with Jembi has grown from strength to strength, with application development, quality assurance, testing, logging, setup and routing of traffic to main-frames all coming on line.

“10 out of 10.” (10 / 10)

Martin Weiss

Chief Technical Officer at Jembi Health Systems

Jembi Health Systems
Project Information
  • Manager: Martin Weiss
  • Category: Development Operations
  • Technology: Architectures | Development Operations | Development Environments | SQL | UNIX | NGINX | Apache | Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI / CD) | Docker | YAML
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Using the MRC and CHPC instances we integrated into their respective systems.

We assisted with the environments and development of the MomConnect platform which is a cell-phone based health information initiative.


Over time we became their DevOps partner of choice and currently still support their requirements. It also gave us an opportunity to work in collaboration with the Centre for High Performance (CHPC) and the Medical Research Council (MRC).

  • NGINX, UNIX, Apache
  • SQL, CI/CD, Docker, YAML
  • Main-frame architectures
  • DevOps partner of choice

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